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Just as it says interesting NON profit tax returns for all Florida Work Force Boards
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This web site was attacked and shut down. While I am now cleaning it up! Some of the area are missing I will fix that soon and add to it.

Currently I have the last three years tax returns for every region. You should note these have not been reviewed or further evaluated at this time. The ones that are marked PROBLEM means there is something wrong and it could be as simple as not found or as complex as they don't file the required non profit or corporate non profit returns.

You should also note just because the others are not marked with a problem does not clear them at this time. There are strict rules with the operation of non profits. Those strict rules often times point to significant mistakes or even in worse case scenarios corruption in operations.

MAP Legend for regions

Postby RandyScott » Sat Nov 23, 2013 1:15 pm

Map Legend for regions

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