Is Deloitte doing the dirty work against labor?

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Is Deloitte doing the dirty work against labor?

Postby RandyScott » Sat Nov 16, 2013 11:13 pm

It appears Deloitte had a workaround on corporate taxes for employee benefits. It went like this in North Carolina ... estigation

Nor is it a secret that employers have received substantial benefits in reduced taxes over the past several years. The purpose of the reduce taxes was popularized with the idea that they would reinvest it into the economy. IE the trickle down theory of economics. But what has happened instead is employers have deposited these amounts in their savings account and held the economy hostage with the very entitlement they were given of lower taxes.

Eventually we are embracing the same outcome that occurred in the 1930's. Wiki describes taxation throughout America history fairly well. ... ted_States

If the corporate interest keeps going we will have a great equalization occur. It may get to to a point where corporations will have to begin to respect the labor force or face the consequences of entitlements being the first choice of labor. Then we may just find out how important labor is to the gross profits of corporations. Business relationship should never have a winner or loser and expect the relationship to continue.

Labor has been the loser for a lot of years now and if corporations don't like the correction then maybe they should follow their money and become citizens of those countries it now sits. Plenty enough Americans to rebuild our country! Maybe then when the countries they go to nationalize their businesses they will see just how good they had it here, until they got too greedy!

China will not handle it the same way we do here in the states ... to-a-head/
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