DEO memo to agents do not acknowledge problems

DEO memo to agents do not acknowledge problems

Postby RandyScott » Sun Oct 27, 2013 8:52 am

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"In addition, please remember to not refer anyone to one stop centers for RA assistance"

For all you diligent reporters this statement is huge. It points you to the dynamics of the NON profit centers purposes. This sentence shows very contemplative thought likely issued by corporation counsel of the state. Work centers may have crossed over the line to political agendas clearly in violation of not only federal funding directives but the IRS code relating to tax exempt facilities.

To take a peek at the IRS non profit tax forms of Southwest Florida Work Force it is being worked here

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This prior link letter shows the lies are evident.

Ballard Connection
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Ballard Connection

Full agenda with the Rick Scott recommendation to approve on page 125
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This prior link here is the full agenda package showing the governors recommendation to approve. The specific recommendation pertaining to the Deloitte contract is on page 125. This is a combined budget consideration so there is one vote one all the issues. Note in that vote the committee voted against funding President Obama ACA plan yet at the same time voted to fund this completely dysfunctional Deloitte contract. The following attachment is the vote.

This is the showing how the individual members voted at the Budgetary meeting with the Governor Rick Scott recommendation to approve the additional 4 mil + payment
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This prior link attached meeting action packet from Sep 12, 2012 shows legislative votes.
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